“Mike’s Infinite Playlist.” –(}~.~{)

First things first, in memorial on this day of ANZAC Day – a significant slice of deeply-rooted Australian culture, and one that focuses on sacrifice and appreciation, which modern Australians are given a day off work to make that mean something... And here I am blogging. . . Also, remembering the Armenian Genocide, for all my R-Mean … Continue reading “Mike’s Infinite Playlist.” –(}~.~{)

The Unbearable Lightness of Being in the Fight

I was missing the camaraderie which came with training with others for a singular focused goal: to get better and to WIN. Yes, winning is the ugly thought that often collides with the idea of "doing your best", but by sheer nature and dichotomy, the best one can do is win. And no one who's taken this type of sport seriously has ever wanted anything less of themselves, in my experience.

16 4 16

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Hidden Agendas

There's been a lot of talk lately of... more talk. Governments globally engaging in conversation around trade agreements, a few dramatic reshuffles of politics on our own fair shores here in Australia, not to mention the out/far cries of indigenous recognition (something we struggle with here as much as immigration), and everywhere in between these … Continue reading Hidden Agendas

Re: How Social Media Serves as The New Drug

Author Daniel D. Maurer posted this article on his own blog, Transformation is Real, a part of a series of posts called "The Daily Dab (or Dose)". This is not something I'd usually read but stumbled across it after clicking into one of my writing-Google group notifications. I didn't even read into the article but felt the … Continue reading Re: How Social Media Serves as The New Drug