Hidden Agendas

There's been a lot of talk lately of... more talk. Governments globally engaging in conversation around trade agreements, a few dramatic reshuffles of politics on our own fair shores here in Australia, not to mention the out/far cries of indigenous recognition (something we struggle with here as much as immigration), and everywhere in between these … Continue reading Hidden Agendas

Re: How Social Media Serves as The New Drug

Author Daniel D. Maurer posted this article on his own blog, Transformation is Real, a part of a series of posts called "The Daily Dab (or Dose)". This is not something I'd usually read but stumbled across it after clicking into one of my writing-Google group notifications. I didn't even read into the article but felt the … Continue reading Re: How Social Media Serves as The New Drug

2016 Song Listmas

Partially misleading, a combination of podcast / mix shows, starting with a short Best Songs List compiled by moi followed by the Rawest Diva in all of Radio Time and Space *with a little Holiday Cheer Mix* YES! Hon Mentches: Travis $cott - Pick Up the Phone (feat. Young Thug & Quavo) Arca - Entrañas … Continue reading 2016 Song Listmas


"An inexplicable passing of time when you don't have the resources to tackle your interests, the way a squid would a sperm whale, especially when the pursuit of these interests bear next to zero potential for realistic, unselfish returns" is how I would modernly define inevitability. It sucks that there are things we can't control … Continue reading Renaissance

G I R L ‘ s, Paris & Pharrell

  Managed to check out Galerie Perrotin over the summer (flip-side hemispheres) with partial members le Stoops Gang. This happened to line up nicely with the run of Pharrell William's thematically curated art show, aptly titled "G I R L" — after his second official studio album which dropped earlier this year. A lot of … Continue reading G I R L ‘ s, Paris & Pharrell