"An inexplicable passing of time when you don't have the resources to tackle your interests, the way a squid would a sperm whale, especially when the pursuit of these interests bear next to zero potential for realistic, unselfish returns" is how I would modernly define inevitability. It sucks that there are things we can't control … Continue reading Renaissance

Opal… Or Nah?

An important read regarding an issue I feel oddly passionate about. Even if things turnaround quickly it's a time stamp for the fuckery that is seemingly fundamental to a 'public service' found in most western developed cities. At least the card looks pretty. Check the article by clicking the link.   Sydney's screwed-up smartcard, or … Continue reading Opal… Or Nah?

Choosing a New “ism” to Dread

Me getting back into the community with some ole’ fashioned re-blogging! New “isms”, a super interesting perspective on something that is so well masked from it’s obvious existence in day-to-day life. Raises a healthy question of whether we should see the imperatives of “innovating” and “solutioning” as synonymous. Is an -ism more of a sell than an actual direction which industries, and cross-paradigm practices adopt? Or does it incite more of a stigma that marries with the cliche social pattern or resistance to change. Go with you gut on this one after processing it. I’d speculate that there are some dollars involved at the high level.


It’s always fun to have a new ism. You can ponder the issues raised by the ism, write a book warning an unaware public about this ism (that you may or may not have made up), shake your fist at those who are so infatuated with the ism that they become ists, and generally feel pleased that you have found the perfect name for a foe against which you are now the de-facto first line of defense.

Such is the case with “Technological Solutionism” as explained by Evgeny Morozov in his NY Times op-ed “The Perils of Perfection” (published on March 2, 2013). In fairness, “solutionism” may not have originated with Morozov, but his op-ed certainly serves to bring this threatening ism to a wider audience, and seeks to direct attention to his upcoming book To Save Everything, Click Here: The Folly of Technological Solutionism – which will…

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A Cat’s Tale

Imagine it's a Sunday night, let's say "Sunday Roast" to paint the picture right *snap* and immediately the family is caucasian *click*. You're one of the children, sitting with your family around the table, soaking it all in. In your audio-periphery(?) you notice a tense escalation in your parents conversation, but think nothing of it … Continue reading A Cat’s Tale