xTRILLIAMS – ‘VOL 2. SWEEET’ [iTunes + Spotify]

My second mixtape is also my first release to legitimate streaming platforms and is available now! I'm psyched. Thank you to the friends who are better at this than I am. https://open.spotify.com/album/0vcTc154mYrkHPPBtcllNK Also on Apple Music. The O.G,  version without sample clearances still lives on Mixcloud.

The Unbearable Lightness of Being in the Fight

I was missing the camaraderie which came with training with others for a singular focused goal: to get better and to WIN. Yes, winning is the ugly thought that often collides with the idea of "doing your best", but by sheer nature and dichotomy, the best one can do is win. And no one who's taken this type of sport seriously has ever wanted anything less of themselves, in my experience.

16 4 16

16 4 16 [1280p] from Mike Yee on Vimeo. soundcloud.com/xtrilliams Director: Mike Yee / xtrilliams.tumblr.com Featuring: Baba Yaga & Slimbo Slice DP: Mike Yee Editing / Post: Mike Yee “16 4 16” Prod. by: Kase Avila (soundcloud.com/magicbirdsofjordan) Special thanks for the support: New SHEN / facebook.com/newshenworldwidefacebook.com/newshenworldwide