“Mike’s Infinite Playlist.” –(}x_x{)

Hi, my name is Mike / "xTRILLIAMS" I rap, record, mix and engineer my own and my friends' music, all from the safety of the internet. I once performed at a house party and again at a Scout Hall in front of tens of people. I've just spent the last 48 hours cleaning up all … Continue reading “Mike’s Infinite Playlist.” –(}x_x{)

“Mike’s Infinite Playlist.” –(}~.~{)

First things first, in memorial on this day of ANZAC Day – a significant slice of deeply-rooted Australian culture, and one that focuses on sacrifice and appreciation, which modern Australians are given a day off work to make that mean something... And here I am blogging. . . Also, remembering the Armenian Genocide, for all my R-Mean … Continue reading “Mike’s Infinite Playlist.” –(}~.~{)

2016 Song Listmas

Partially misleading, a combination of podcast / mix shows, starting with a short Best Songs List compiled by moi followed by the Rawest Diva in all of Radio Time and Space *with a little Holiday Cheer Mix* YES! Hon Mentches: Travis $cott - Pick Up the Phone (feat. Young Thug & Quavo) Arca - Entrañas … Continue reading 2016 Song Listmas

Inner Spaces by Benoit Florencon

An amazing compilation of imagery and explanation, really getting at the crux of what it means to be a true 'creatively free individual' (for lack of using the faux noun "creative"). Freelance photographer Benoit Florencon uses the DIY/home-grown music scene of China's underground, in his exciting photocumentary, to highlight everything that it means in this … Continue reading Inner Spaces by Benoit Florencon