Literapture: The Perks of Extreme Angst

I really, really wasn't going to do this. The combination of self-absorption and irony of going into such a film with the intention of reviewing/reflecting on it would likely cause a cataclysmic shift in the self-loathing factor of any quasi-decent writer. But then I glossed over the cinema, full of 50+ year old men with … Continue reading Literapture: The Perks of Extreme Angst

The Dark Knight Rises, Nolan et. al. take a bow

I knew after TDK cut to the ending credits, in lue with the disastrous news of Heath Ledger's death, I knew then that this film was not the curtain call for The Bat-Man. I stylize the name as such because this is the story that visionaries Christopher Nolan and David Goyer have been telling us … Continue reading The Dark Knight Rises, Nolan et. al. take a bow

The Great Debates: Arnold Schwarzenegger or Sylvester Stallone – THE WINNER IS…

For real doe, Cobretti would be a mean protector for Sarah Connor in a crossover.

Fogs' Movie Reviews

Ok, this is actually the first poll I’ve “Closed” here on the site. But after the fantastic response to this edition of “The Great Debates”, I felt that people needed some closure!

After a week of voting, more than 80 people voted and our discussion ran over 125 comments. The result was EXTREMELY close. This was an even match, a hard-fought battle, a well-earned victory…

For one of them.

Click through to see who won! 

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Nerds, you won one this weekend. Two trailers dropped for Ridley "Sci-Fly" Scott's ubervirginpantswetting highly anticipated cinematic enigma *breath* Prometheus. With the viral-marketing going off-chops and every detail known thus far about the film under the micro-grope, from the title font to Michael Fassbender's genitalia. Let's hope it all leads to where we're hoping it … Continue reading Prometheus

Literapture: Ryan Gosling wears leather gloves… and it’s awesome

Drive is the type of film that at  we have seen a thousand times before and also never seen anything quite like it. A story grounded in the annals of film history and noire fiction lore and also so stylish that it makes you feel cool by just watching the opening credits. The story is set in modern LA, where the … Continue reading Literapture: Ryan Gosling wears leather gloves… and it’s awesome