G I R L ‘ s, Paris & Pharrell

  Managed to check out Galerie Perrotin over the summer (flip-side hemispheres) with partial members le Stoops Gang. This happened to line up nicely with the run of Pharrell William's thematically curated art show, aptly titled "G I R L" — after his second official studio album which dropped earlier this year. A lot of … Continue reading G I R L ‘ s, Paris & Pharrell


Wednesday nights are notoriously good for several reasons: International "Hump" Day, the mid week Friday after work binge, extended happy hours, your weekly fix of At The Movies, re-runs of M*A*S*H, etcetera etcetera. But most importantly, two of Sydney's hottest artists are squaring off (together?) in what promises to be a talented display of the … Continue reading VERSUS THE CITY