What’s the first thing I want you to see/read when you land on this blog? A blog which has undergone many transformations, various audiences, contributions and dilution since I dropped a dime for it’s custom URL back in 2008.

It’s probably good to start with – and potentially end on – who I am. 

This will give you, reading this, an indication of whether you’ll care for the content of this blog. Also, this is the website listed on the majority of my personal email signatures.

Mike Yee is…

An adaptable and mild-mannered, professional business analyst and consultant, with over nine years of working experience in various industries. He also pursues an amateur career in amateur wrestling and boxing, both as a competitor and a qualified coach, and moonlights in the remaining margins of free time as a writer and DJ.

Mike has lived and worked overseas, in the UK and parts of Europe, over a two and half period in his late twenties. The end product of this away-from-home sabbatical was to finish his first, self-published body of work, ‘YxY’ – a collection of short stories and poems, hyperbolic in nature, and based on his personal feelings towards growing up confused, excited and utterly indecisive.

Looks good in Yen, and next to the Yaoi titles. Still available for a hot $14 AUD!

^Watch this space as there is more to come.

He is secretly most proud of his SoundCloud account, where he dabbles in music and practices mixing song sets as a scratch board for potential DJ gigs. There is no expectation of this hobby outside of sheer enjoyment.

At work…

He has extensive experience working with Microsoft products, including software solutions and infrastructure, as a means/catalyst for business process transformation. Initially starting out as a support analyst and then specialising in implementation during his junior years on projects, Mike has extended his skill set and applies his studies in psychology towards his own brand of business analysis and consultation. Through his current employer/professional family, he has worked with some high profile clients who he has been able to be positively challenged by, with outcomes of both postive engagement and continual growth.

His LinkedIn Profile provides a more in-depth look at his professional portfolio, experience and qualifications.


Mike loves food and is down to eat out at anytime, even during a ‘weight-cut period’. If you have good dining recommendations, do not withhold them as you can be sure he won’t!

He goes by ‘Mike’ and not ‘Michael’ because he feels formalities are often more unnecessary than they are needed, and are ultimately counter-intuitive to the universal truth that we are all human…

… until the aliens come for us all.

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