5.1: Garren, Arin, Twelve’Len

Essential listening for relatively new hip-hop/r&b artists that you ain’t — but should be — checkin’ for.

Garren // EP: (normal)

That good stuff if you like super clear annunciation (slur that shit a bit my dude), buttery vocals, brackin’, boot rattling bass and brispy 808’s. He’s from Compton and that’s in the top 3 criteria of what makes a cool, young, black artist these days, but he’s got the stories to back it up. Not for lames.

Arin // Album: Platinum Fire

This kid was on X-Factor and finished in 10th place. Nekminute he’s throwing up the red C and sharing wax poetics with Ty Dolla $ign and YG. He’s like America’s version of Levi here in Australia (R.I.P), making the most adorable, caramel r&b since Breezy on some Yo/Excuse Me-type shit.


Twelve’Len // EP: Swim

Who’s making Twelve’Len in create-a-character mode? Dude looks like Chief Keef, sounds like Frank Ocean and pens like Kevin Gates. His music is the unwrapped Picnic bar of singer-rapper content in the game right now so you should be listening and vibing out unless you’re allergic to slow pimpin’. Come get this work.

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