Friends With Shows, 5/2/2017

“Friends With Shows” is equivalent to shows with friends. I have the fortune of being surrounded by proactive individuals who have an abundance of talent and something substantial to contribute to the world.

If there’s a must listen show online, it’s RAW DIVA RADIO HOUR, the hottest mix show in the nine galaxies (just ask Ruby Rhod)! The newest mix is an ode Kaliforn-I-A, Cali, The Kush Coast, whatever you call it, prime selector ANDYSFRNDS has got you covered!

Crotch Chop Podcast is a positivist pro wrestling podcast that doesn’t mind a little sports and entertainment \\/\// Warm and welcome for newbies to the world of coming-off-the-top-rope as well as hard-nosed smarks.

“MAD LOVE is a web show hosted by the celestial tag-team of Sydney-based artists and general life enthusiasts Chris and Andrew Yee, where each week they put the spotlight on other Sydney-based artists, their practices, influences and career, and sometimes, eating habits. Check it out as a regular fixture of the online media outlet Life Without Andy.

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