“Mike’s Infinite Playlist.” –(}~.~{)

First things first, in memorial on this day of ANZAC Day – a significant slice of deeply-rooted Australian culture, and one that focuses on sacrifice and appreciation, which modern Australians are given a day off work to make that mean something…

And here I am blogging.



Also, remembering the Armenian Genocide, for all my R-Mean folk in North Spec. 

Gee, today is just not a good day to be Turkish.



One thing I never stopped doing throughout my twenties was digging for new music on the interwebs. Since slowing down on posting up on this ol’ thing, I’ve habitually found ways to express my taste and opinion of music online (sometimes to the point of geriatric-esque annoyance). Most recently, I began a podcast with resident Sydney-based DJ Kase Avila, called “Five Point One” or “5.1 Radio” which you can catch here *exclusively on Mixcloud 😁

Kase will also be playing live this Friday night (28/4) from Ching-A-Lings Bar on Oxford Street, as a part of SWARM TAKEOVER. A lot of good brothers, brews and barbecuing going down, be sure to be there if you’re in Syds!

Anyway, the nature of an infinite playlist is indeed that it doesn’t end – or that it occurs until my untimely passing. So, with much ado nothing, allow me to reintroduce… THE PLAYLIST.

Coris, one half of SWARM and souvla certified, gives the people what they want with his continuation of “K-Chop and Slop”. It’s exactly what it reads as. Korean Americans of the deep south, rejoice.

Throwback I’ve gotten into again recently. Dimly lit, wax-dripping vibrations.

*Rubs hands together* the latest apparition from my poorly curated, musically inclined alter-ego:

Don’t Call It from Mike Yee on Vimeo.

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