Hidden Agendas

There’s been a lot of talk lately of… more talk. Governments globally engaging in conversation around trade agreements, a few dramatic reshuffles of politics on our own fair shores here in Australia, not to mention the out/far cries of indigenous recognition (something we struggle with here as much as immigration), and everywhere in between these issues, independent internet think/stink pieces firing off left, right and centre on the impending end of modern society.

Yes, we’re effectively chasing our own tails, only to find it with a face, voice and mind of it’s own.

I believe that’s called a “Cat Dog Paradox”.

It’s not, I just made that up.

Essentially more talking and less answers. Even less listening, understanding and engaging content. Yes, admittedly this is broad behavioural  labeling, but if there’s one thing I generalisation typically is, it’s true (see, like that). But more so, this pathology is symptomatic of hidden agendas, something not new to the world of public news, information circulation and governance, but something more prevalent today with the number of active voices and number of opinions received per the largest possible audience (Re: my last blog post).


In her defense, the album bangs.

Yes, it seems like all the dominoes began falling since politics went topsy-turvy when at the turn of last year, billionaire and celebrity (not to be confused with a billionaire celebrity *non-existent*) Donald J. Trump acquired the highest leadership rank in the western world. Well, next to the Queen anyway.

Amidst bizarre political landscaping on our own front — lock out laws, immigration process tightening, high profile resignations and a Prime Minister who was largely absent/busy filming Rick Ross music videos — Australia found a way to shoulder Americas woes too. We also had time to march for our the indigenous peoples, mind you, a some what counter intuitive exercise, because the wrong people were marching. In fact the #ChangetheDate March was arguably more Catholic than anything else.


Is that Post Malone?

This is a tiny example of a hidden agenda. We understand the message — indeed it is a horrible travesty which was committed upon the indigenous peoples of this land! But when the math don’t add up, the message becomes worrying and confusing, not unlike the current western political landscape. At least with the Asia superpowers, we can somewhat delineate the bad from the good.


So where do we sit in the muck and what’s our angle? Well for starters, where Australia wins in international diplomacy (the Prime Minister choosing to “diplomatically” non-comment/shred opposition leader Bill Shorten a new a**hole) we still find ourselves needy in military might, hence playing our diplomacy chips carefully. On international trade and the whole refugee matter however, Trump’s plans for immigration may throw a spanner into the works. Already he’s labeled the previous and standing agreement made between the previous Obama administration and PM Turnbull as the “worst call by far”, although according to the horse himself, talks between the two have been civil. On top of that, support and our relationship with China arguably underpins Australia’s current economical and social prosperity (cultural options, not appropriation to confused plebs).

Would we trade it all just to get Taco Bell back in the country?

Wait, Trump’s building a wall around that. Never mind.

The point of being more aware of hidden agendas is that we as individuals, and idealistically, as a societal whole, will spend more time rationalising and less time injecting our own microcosmic agendas back into the ether.

If there’s one thing we can take away from the new POTUS, at very least, he’s quite forthcoming and upfront (and to be fair, some of his s*** makes sense — here for the facts, not the popular opinion #fakenews)

Oh, you didn’t think I was going to forget this?

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