“An inexplicable passing of time when you don’t have the resources to tackle your interests, the way a squid would a sperm whale, especially when the pursuit of these interests bear next to zero potential for realistic, unselfish returns” is how I would modernly define inevitability.


It sucks that there are things we can’t control for sure, a modern cliche that the more of it we think we have, the less of it we actually have-“hello-iPhone-8”. Maybe the remedy for something that’s out of our control, and perhaps the greatest thing we can do for ourselves every once in a while, is to spend some time living it — to enjoy a personal “renaissance”.

I felt compelled to begin blogging again, to find some truth in the most everyday things that people are thinking and saying, without much regard to, ironically, thought.


Yeah, so I pretty much felt the need to be publicly pretentious again.

But if this is the greatest worry that I, myself or anyone living circumstantially similarly to me has, then maybe we should take the beer bottle above and smash it over our own foreheads.


This past few years I’ve done a good deal of things that I’ve aimed and probably spoken on end about wanting to do. At the risk of sounding like a broken record I decided to break my own ones of procrastination. Yet what I learned was, if I entertain clarity, and work thoroughly enough (not necessarily hard, but that’s another discussion), the rewards in growth are greater than the “achievements” of things I otherwise enjoy doing anyway. For every story published I had money saved to buy my first car, for all the time I was given in a professional kitchen, behind decks to DJ a packed out night, I was able to start understanding personal financial investment and economy, and for every win on the wrestling mat, I got to… well, wrestle more.

Perspective. Lots of it. That’s what putting your foot forward and doing a bunch of things and seeing them all the way through will get you. It’s invaluable, especially during this day and age of over saturated, first-come-best-served information.

I figure I’m blessed to be kept by some of the best company (hands in the business) and really, when the world seems like it’s going to stagnant, error redundancy hell, at least we still have friends, family and shits to give.

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