The Revolver Roundtable Ep. 23: Lead, Whistles, Pickets & Pockets

Apologies, I haven’t been writing as much recently, but my swift justification is if there’s not enough happening in life to write about then don’t clutter people’s newsfeeds with trash. Also from personal experience, it appears to be good practice to let the media have some lead time in “unearthing” all importance evidence to a given news story before independent bloggers/critical d-bags such as myself go ahead and over analyse things. The latter is inevitable though because, well, they make themselves such easy targets.

Quickly → I’ve relocated to London for the latter half of the year. While looking for residency I stumbled across this little gem.


That about sets the tone for the rest of this post.

In local news Kevin Rudd usurped leadership of the Australian Labour Party from Julia Gillard. Therefore he is now the NEW Prime Minister of Australia. Just imagine Justin Roberts saying it:


In reality, it’s pretty silly. Not that I’m against K. Roody-blowfish sushi being back in the jacuzzi, but it’s just that, well essentially it’s really changed nothing. And we shouldn’t have expected it to either. Still it made a bunch of people who don’t care about politics 358 other days of the year (giving or take another week or two for election periods) a voice to pretty much say that this whole political fiasco reminded them of Star Wars Episode V and renew whinging re: the carbon tax. Any excuse to bring out the picketing kit right guys? This is why you’ve got to love the Australian Islamic community. At least they get the “active” part of activism.

Hey look! The Chinese are happy!

America is still doing its gun law thing, and yes, I purposely call it a “thing” because what do you call something that keeps people in jobs, conversations going and the loss of lives forgotten? “Gun occupation” – just sounds so insensitive.

The big splash on this topic over the last week and a half has been the Zimmerman trial.
Quick context: George Zimmerman, a neighborhood watch coordinator for a gated community in Sanford, Florida was charged with second-degree murder and manslaughter in early 2012 after he shot and fatally wounded 17 year old Trayvon Martin.

Zimmerman was licensed to carry a firearm on his person as a part of neighbourhood watch since 2009. His use of it adheres to Florida legal provision of “stand your ground” laws, under which a person, who reasonably fears death or great bodily harm (the ordinary deadly self-defense requirement) is relieved of the common-law requirement that one first attempt to retreat, if one can safely do so, before using deadly force.*

As of January this year, Democratic lawmakers within Florida, as well as those directly affected by the loss of Trayvon Martin, have requested a repeal of these laws, with further encouragement from left-wing media in particular, enhanced by post-ensuing tragedies such as the Sandy Hook shooting in December of last year. The not guilty decision – made on July 13 – in the Zimmerman trial has caused social outcry, raising topics of unsafe gun laws and implicating decisions of the judicial system based on a racial bias.

The race card score: Trayvon – African-American, Zimmerman – mixed race Hispanic(?), Jury – six women, five of Caucasian descent.

Within the grey and sadness of the whole affair, there’s an underlying truth that I think people are missing. The initial intent was violence and, whether armed or not, was ultimately a means to an end. Disallowing easier possession to firearms by civilians is necessary, but if you want to do that with the prerogative of making life less dangerous, then you should ban (or at least raise taxes on) tobacco as well. And maybe establish worse punishment for people who speed/drive under the influence of alcohol or other illicit substances.

I’m not justifying the current gun laws in The States, but the points I’m making are that a) removing guns will not remove racism and radical action on behalf of racial sentiments. Also b) there are worse things having an adverse impact on society everyday. What this shows in the grander scheme of things is that a starting point from where to make things generally better has yet to be established. The constant bickering and politicking through grief, anger, frustration, pride and racism shows promotion of our own vicious cycle, whether consciously or unconsciously.

Maybe life is like this. Maybe it pays to concentrate purely on the things that will lead you away from all the horrible stuff (love, money, sex, etc.)

It’s just a damn shame.

Still, bar the emotional whiplash of the Zimmerman trial outcome, it doesn’t stop silly things from being said and portrayed as fact. Here’s some complete Gumby reactions:


Really guy? “Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan?”

Tell the Syrian civilians that who, not only have to live with rounds being popped off over border conflicts, but also when victory is claimed. Yeah, celebratory AK-47 gunfire. What could go wrong?

Well I'll be damned.
Well I’ll be damned.
Syria 2013: "Dude, I think you've parked me in."
Syria 2013: “Dude, I think you’ve parked me in.”

On the real, with the nation going into its second year of civil war, there are concerns by the United Nations that Syria will soon cease to function as a state due to the level of civil fragmentation amongst the populous.

Definitely sounds more appealing than that hell trap Florida.

To be fair, I catch the sarcasm as well, but when you liken U.S. gun laws to expected day-to-day violence in Syria, and other surrounding Arab nations going through similar turmoil, then, to be fair again you’re kind of insulting the guy who loads and fires the full clip every day because it’s his job too. Just saying.

For the sake of the unsolvable “human” problems that the Zimmerman trial has brought to light, maybe the best we can do for the time being is to, at very least, stray away from ignorance, no matter what side of the tetragon you’re sitting on. Because it feels like there are definitely many sides to this and most of us are having trouble understanding just one.

Good day, goodnight, and good whatever.

*REF: The 2011 Florida Statutes, Title XLVI Crimes, Chapter 776 Justifiable use of force, posted at Official Internet Site of the Florida State Legislature.

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