Food Run: North End Rd Jerk Chicken

London works in mysterious ways. But as per any city with a renowned vibrant migrant culture, you can bet there’s going to be good shit to eat around.

North End Road (located at the northern point of the suburb of Fulham) is one of few ethnic hotspots in Britain’s capital. You can pretty much go there and get any solid, well-priced feed rather than getting screwed over by the *tricks.

One in particular on the strip that really got me was the Jamaican jerk chicken truck. These guys are sweating balls out on the roadside, turn-n-burning some awesome chicken halves while lathering on this sinister green stuff that looks like it came out of R.L. Stine’s brain-us. Inside the truck it’s just slow cooking pots, bubbling up all day, while some real, super rare Caribbean jams play in the background. This should be the cheap eats heaven that tickles your shit.

I can’t recommend the ox tail enough. It’s goopey love. However if heavily flavoursome tendon and marrow aren’t your thing then definitely cop the jerk chicken and rice. The mystery green sauce conquers all. Each meal box is £6 and comes with spiced rice, grilled bananas and slaw.


Looks like V-Nasty, tastes like V-Secret


Quote from the chef: “This is not fast food, this is good food.”
Me: “Did I have that look on my face? Sorry dude.”

*Note-to-self to break down the “tricks” of eating out in future postings. Not EVERYTHING’s a cultural adventure. Some of it is just a waste of time (and money, and appetite)

Hours: 10am – 6:30pm, Tues – Sat
North End Road Market
N End Road
London, SW6 1NL
Area: Fulham


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