Food Run: Sydney’s Best Burger


I’ve eaten a lot of burgers. In fact, people in Australia generally have. Somewhere not too far from your place is a locale that’s very familiar with all the high school kids, usually near or around a small set of shops. This establishment pretty plain on sight with some bold, *Word Art-esque lettering out front and an entry way likely guarded by narrow flaps of plastic. Inside you might find an older – not elderly – couple, or maybe one guy with an awesomely fangled tooth, working over a hot plate, flipping beef patties and chicken breast fillets, grabbing out some lettuce, tomato, beetroot etc. from the little silver trays in the chilled display and chucking it all together in a decent looking bread roll, all happening usually while the McCain’s potato fries are drip drying off the oil post-deep fry action.

In the reality of burger experiences though, this is really a 50/50 one. Let me clarify, you’re actually eating a sandwich.

Now there’s nothing wrong with sandwiches, don’t misinterpret my dialogue. But there is just about everything wrong with calling a sandwich a hamburger, legitimately. Here are the factors limiting your local burger joint from being an actual burger joint:

1. Burgers don’t start at the bun, they start at the patty. Any meat mince crafted with a good 20:80 ratio of fat to meat is where the magic in the art starts. Note: Woolworths are doing lean mince patties nowadays. Don’t let health smart options trick you into a terrible hamburger.

2. Key fillings are essential, and when chosen correctly can be a game changer. Having a variety of over twenty to choose from is a complete game loser. Like anything in life, the more room you leave for error the more you’re likely to not come out with the result you want.

3. It’s a bun. It has to be a bun. Not a dinner roll, that’s for putting your leftover roast chicken or ham in.

But what is the result you want?

Well I don’t want to go deep, so I’ll just tell you straight up: you want the beef burger at the Woolwich Pier Hotel AKA Sydney’s Best Burger.

There is an extensive menu available there, special boards encompassing steak and roast nights of the week in typical Aussie fare. But the beef hamburger on hand (literally) is one of the top reasons to eat here. It simply nails it in that way where you have an idea of a burger in your head, a general one that the word “burger” when said instantly materialises. This is that burger. With a beef patty almost and inch dense, cheddar melted well over it, combined with caramelised onions, tomato relish (not sauce) and a pickle (like there was any doubt) all on a brioche seeded bun, this is the final frontier. It’s a little pricier than your average burger, standing at $20 AUD, but surely that’s a small price to pay for dreams.

Shoestring fries come included and you should definitely hit those with a side of vinegar.


2 Gale St Woolwich NSW 2110
(02) 9817 2204

Woolwich Pier Hotel on Urbanspoon

*Word Art – just say “no”

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