Food Run: element6

An ongoing trend that’s occur in Neo Syds (Sydney, AU) is the emergence of these niche cafe’s that intensively cater more so to the gastronomically inclined crowd than your standard eggs on toasted Turkish, white or wholemeal affair. Granted that could be your thing, and that’s what you’ll get at 90% of the spots not located in South to South West Syds (we’re stretching it at Dulwich Hill). But for every place serving fatty hog there is now place serving up gluten free muesli with organic yoghurt, or corn fritters.

This is where shxt gets really biased. Because Ryde is home. It has been for a solid 25 years. But your breakfast go-to’s here are really of two extremes, 1) the aforementioned first world standard, or 2) complete immersion into another ethnicity’s digs – Eastwood, Parramatta, West Ryde, Granville, Strathfield, etc. – all these places will do their own rendition of breakfast. And this is the norm on this side of the bridge and to be frank it’s pretty awesome. But now, finally, we have that type of cafe just minutes from home, one where you don’t have to think about parking fines, strollers, dare I say the alienation by locals (*Surry Hills steeze?)

Simply put, I’m not driving 35 minutes to not order granola and bircher AND be stared at like I’m Hitler. I can do that at home every other day and just be ridiculed by my immediate family.

But now element6 has landed smack bang in West Ryde. Yes, West Ryde. So if you don’t feel like eating kafka for breakfast – I do – then element6 is the spot to get that next level feed for familiar prices. It’s Surry Hills in Ryde, minus everything but the food and aesthetic. Yeah you’re not eating in a fxcking museum, you’re just eating good, neo cafe food straight up. This hometown eater for one is a happy chap, and holy &#@! they do an awesome corn fritter x caramelised onion combo.

65 Ryedale Road
West Ryde NSW 2114

Element 6 on Urbanspoon

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