The Revolver Roundtable Ep. 21: Benign (But Something’s Gotta Give)

March 30, 2013 – the North Korean government declares it is in ‘a state of war’ with South Korea. A North Korean statement promises stern physical actions against any provocative act in retaliation to this declaration of war. For anyone who doesn’t read/watch news reports on North Korean news reports, this is guided by the governing actions of successive heir/supreme leader Kim Jong-un.

Psst, he's talking about Dennis Rodman's Asian friend.
Psst, he’s talking about Dennis Rodman’s Asian friend.

So what should we prepare for?
Maybe the more important question is: should we be surprised by any of this? A local new source summarised in the following:

“THE situation in North Korea is more unpredictable than at any point in the past following the change in leadership that has obscured who is really running the secretive regime.”

Um, I’ll take a stab!

North Korea, as a nation, has held and promoted a firm belief since their segregation from the South, that both halves will inevitably unify again. Their rationalisation? They have the leader of the country in the North. Ah, of course! Crazy South Koreans, how have you been competently functioning without your leader?

In the west, they build monuments to thee.
In the south, they build monuments to thee.

So the North can at least claim that they’re looking at the bigger picture.

On the other hand, I’m sure the South would prefer to have nothing to do with the North, much like the sentiments of the Russian people versus the will of the Soviet Union circa insert-negative-adjective-about-Stalin days.

Now the blinders go on and people start seeing in colours. Look at Afghanistan, look at Iraq. I’m not trying to “hippy out” (“peace, love, free world dude” – all that stuff) and say that there isn’t a racial discourse to this conflict. I’m more so drawing attention to the fact that this lukewarm war at its crux has always been about three major components of any global force seeking growth into a global power: capital, economy and control. Oh and let’s not overlook the whole ‘arms race’ thing. It just might be the reason why North Korea, as well as China and, at one stage, Iraq are/were considered the greatest threats to the western civilisation over the last twenty years. We, the people[1], just buy into the rest of the BS to make politician’s lives easier. Look, it’s nowhere near as bad as the propaganda virality spewed by North Korean politics. And sure, the nukes are there. But lest we forget, there’s nukes on the other side of the fence/ocean (literally) as well.

Ultimately the benign truth is that so far we’re projecting based off a series of empty threats and filtered statements at this stage. It’s mostly a “it is what it is” state of affairs at this point. The unfortunate downside is when something does give, it’ll be the civilians on both sides this time that end up paying the largest price.

If someone tells you different and says they’re a political science major ask them if they’ve ever been to North Korea.

On an unrelated note, go and watch Zero Dark Thirty if you haven’t yet. It puts the a$$-kicking back into liberty and freedom!

[1] Patented by World Wrestling Entertainment Inc. 2013

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