Taste of Sydney – Flavour of the City

To be fair, I tried to taste (eat) everything that was on offer with the credit I started with. I was super keen because big white tents and low tone red and purple lights aesthetically captivate me like they do for anyone else who grew up in the “shiny suit era”. Also there was plenty of food on offer. To be eligible for the event, you were required to purchase a card and load credits – “crowns” – on it. You paid with these crowns as you went around to each venue. When you ran out of crowns, you simply scouted your nearest refill point and forked out to top up. So something similar to a night of Daytona USA with three other sick c**t mates at Time Zone.

There are a few other fine points to be made about the Taste of Sydney experience. For one thing, it really highlighted how expensive this city has become, and how food which is supposed to be cheap (and in some Sydney outer suburbs, is quite cheap) is paving the way for start up of CBD/Eastern suburbs-based equivalents, with that added niche of authenticity and aura of cultural exploration. I’ll validate: the current culinary climate in Sydney is driving the prices of street food way up, in some cases to the point where we’re contending between a sandwich and a full rack of ribs for a satisfying meal (see the awesome menu The Shakespeare Hotel)

What this means is that everything is being eaten, *consumed with what I’m calling “the Masterchef effect”. Long gone are the days of “yeah, I just ate…” because these days we’re full blown “nom nom.” I mean for Yahweh’s sake, Moochi got a stand in the festival. It’s a f**king frozen yoghurt fast food chain. After that I was really hanging for the evil clown to get a stand as he so rightly deserved.

On that note, Yoghurt World in Pitt Street Mall has the best froyo going at the moment. No toppings required, straight up.
Hey here’s an idea, let’s turn our latest food experience into a meme. Because I’m sure there’s cultural relativity in having eaten at a sushi restaurant that was actually good in an Australian city. Or is it irony? Wow.

Simply put, Taste of Sydney, while a bunch of fun – What’s good ma? – highlighted everything that’s currently off about the First World eating experience. And for the most part of this I apologise because the inclusion of the gallery below, as well as the publishing of this very post, shows that I am just as much to blame for the d-baggery that is the current flavour of this city. Oh well, the other “writer’s” get free food, right?

Touché and bon appetite.

Oh, the obligatory food photos, of course.

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