Just As A Side

Over a month ago I was asked why I ever wrote about the issues the CFMEU were (not so much anymore) having with parent investor and mining giant, Grocon. Kind of like, “Look at this guy writing about real news. It sucks when you do real news. What is this?” Umm…

Well in late August I was around Sydney CBD, chasing a morning caffeine high as any respectable blue collared thespian does. It was a cool morning but the night had not been so great for sleep, so the hardest decision of the day lay somewhere between 1. to what extent the milk should be frothed and 2. no milk at all. Jokes on them because I had soy that morning, never mind.

Next thing there’s a tonne of tradesmen lining up along Pitt Street just outside the Art house where some new monument to Beelzebub, or the most high is being built. And yeah, they look fairly pissed off. It was a significant enough mobbing, that I Googled it when I got to a computer and wrote the post on it.

And that’s all it essentially is → I experienced the subject matter first hand and as a result, was motivated enought to write something about it. As to why I wrote more objectively than usual, I don’t know? A jab for credibility I guess? Didn’t really work out, so I guess I’ll leave that to Tracey Grimshaw.

Therefore my advice to my peers and other aspiring writers or “creators” in general out there is: if you legitimately feel for something you should enact on it, regardless of its relevance or popularity, because you will a) look genuine, and b) come across stronger and likely produce a better end result. You don’t want to be the next hypebeast or God forbid, Complex Mag. AND if you think your life is too uninteresting to derive a tell-worthy narrative, then you could always start by trying Yoguberry. Involvement = interesting. Shxt, I should write that down.

FYI Grocon ended up settling with the CFMEU in September of last year [2012] to meet their demands.

*A few notes from this week:


I saw Zero Dark Thirty. Can’t say how, but when it drops I’d say definitely check it out. There’ll be a lot of debate around this title, not so much controversy, but more so a passionate clashing of opinions, as well as a bunch of people being suddenly socio-politically aware of contemporary international issues. However I feel that was director Kathryn Bigelow’s intention. Well that and an obvious Academy Award rub.

Also there were a tonne of End-of-Year countdowns, which has become a popular trend (seriously, fxck you Complex). In light of this post, I would just like to say to all who partook in this:


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