Food Run: St. Ali Coffee Roasters

I want to put a stake in the ground – sometimes referring to the activity of laying a slab of beef into an underground oven, or “lovo” (loh~voh) as my Kandavuzian Degis call it – about food-blogging. More specifically address the issue of why I never write up about a place and slam the shxt out of it.

Straight up, when I, and any of the other WUD floggers, write about things-to-do/eat/see, we do it with all means of saying that we like it. I see no sense in telling you to avoid things that I don’t like, and like so many other blogging nasties or critiques, limiting your own outgoing experiences by reducing it to a couple of words on a website that people will likely forget about within a couple hours.

Food Run and WUD in general is dedicated to giving you the hook ups, the jooks i.e. if you really don’t know what’s good, we can guarantee some good shxt for you to get off your arse and invest time and effort in checking out. Ya dig?

Having ranted ye long, I want to make this real brief. If you’re a coffee person, and I mean real lean by the bean type, then there is no competition as far as St. Ali goes. None. Ask any owner of a fixed gear in Victoria and they’ll tell you Degraves or Hardware. They’d be wrong.

Stashed in an Ewok’s garage in South Melbourne, St. Ali gets real busy between 9am through ’til the early afternoon. Two strong recommendations for eats are the corn fritters (think more baji, less shake ‘n bake) and the “63/63 eggs”. But the showstopper for sure is the coffee degustation menu, which you’ll get your money’s worth for. ← WARNING: this is ill advised for anyone with a known heart condition.

In fact all eggs should be cooked 63/63. The world would be one step closer to Eric Clapton’s eyes.

Full Menu

12-18 Yarra Pl South Melbourne VIC 3205
(03) 9686 2990

St Ali on Urbanspoon

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