A Cat’s Tale

Imagine it’s a Sunday night, let’s say “Sunday Roast” to paint the picture right *snap* and immediately the family is caucasian *click*. You’re one of the children, sitting with your family around the table, soaking it all in. In your audio-periphery(?) you notice a tense escalation in your parents conversation, but think nothing of it at first. Next thing it’s too loud to ignore and before you know it YOUR DAD SLAMS THE DINNER TABLE!

Oh, thank lord, Deepak brought a ukulele.
Oh, thank lord, Deepak brought a ukulele.

… ok so this probably doesn’t happen to a lot of you very often. And this writer’s not one to relate. But the point is looking at that moment of awkward silence after the tense conversation reaches it’s peak, especially when it’s off context (family dinner = not the right time).

However, in recent conversation I was made privy to this phenomenon, that moment where the offending party may have inadvertently caused irreparable emotional damage around them.

Whoops. I kind of killed the vibe.

"Yeah so let's not hang out later, ehy?"
“Yeah so let’s not hang out later, ehy?”

By the way, Gangster Squad dropped in cinemas yesterday. Go see it, probably more so for Gosling than Stone.

OK OK, so let’s look at a cat. Felis silvestris catus; A fickle creature, admiring life from a lens far more complex and compelling than anything Simba or Mufasa were seeing. Most people who have had experiences with cats claim they show no love or affection to humans. Not entirely true. They fiend love, they live off it and command it. And they’ll be good and not kill birds in the yard so long as you’re good to them. But the second you scold, rage at, or Hova forbid, strike this animal, it’s over. The cat is not an openly expressive animal like, say a dog. But the damage cuts deep and it will never forget. Does this sound familiar? I’m looking to ladies more so as fellas are likely to forget a slight unless their hearts are figuratively ripped out. Or in my case, off my plate at a Brazilian Churrasco.

If you can identify a connection here then you have reached the moment of realisation, a CATaclysm if you will.
Sorry, I will never do that again.

We’re calling it “The House Cat Effect”. See how much we can empathise with cats?


What a way to waste time. Anyway what’re you all doing today?

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