Twenty Twelve

From Sydney, Australia, and for that matter the entire eastern coastline, and we’re merely hours away from the new year. Already people are getting geared up for, from what the many Facebook statuses read, a new year that will resemble a car slowly tumbling down the street when it should not be. Not necessarily an accident, just something painfully slow and kind of rough. For nobody who follows this blog, I would like to endeavor in these last fleeting hours to reflect, in the most non-cliché way possible, on stuff that we here at WUD liked this year.


Rating: i.e. things we forgot to write about but they’re awesome anyway

French toast with mascarpone, strawberries and bananas.
@The Deckhouse Cafe, Woolwich.
Pig’s blood in the middle MFR’s.
@Bangbang Espresso Bar and Cafe, Surry Hills.

Cute animals

Rating: “Holy shxt, it’s cute as crap!” – L-Mac


GifBlinking puppy


Rita Ora

Rating: Wavvy Goddess


Ed Sheeran

Rating: Personal theme songs for all!

Frank Ocean’s multiple letters to the universe

Rating: Adele-ing the 2013 Grammy’s


Dredd 3D

Rating: Christian Bale’s “Dark Knight voice” was better in this film




Art shows

Rating: RIP ODB


Shameless affiliation promotion.
Shameless affiliation promotion.

Perinaise [peri~yay]

Rating: “Oh God, oh God!” *Big Sean voice*



Rating: … meh

Hey, it's for the kids #noKony
Hey, it’s for the kids #noKony

Joseph Kony

Rating: the greatest trick the Devil ever played was convincing the whack masses that Facebook could make a difference


So as you ready your drink, your corny theme song(s) *see Ed Sheeran, instagram or your secret desire to release that need to squeeze somebody tight, remember when looking back over the past year, that things will probably be far worst next year. Thanks for joining us through it though!

Enjoy a messy New Years Eve and have a safe start to the 2013!!

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