Happy Holidays

HTML-5 syntax ing issues and we’re already off to a fantastic start.

The holiday season is upon us again, and once this post goes through the pipeline it’ll surely be Christmas day already.

But beyond religious beliefs, familial customs and/or cultural obligations, the commercial cadence of awesome gifts, inducing food comas, or even the regrettable decision that will be entering the lion’s den that is Boxing Day sales, people can never answer that age old, elusive question: what do you want most for Christmas?

I feel safe in saying that this is the time of year that people somewhere deep, down inside feel their most clandestine desires will be met.

Well, within reason.
Well, within reason.

As a human being who has been working full time solidly for the last three years of his natural life, I would like to suggest that which you really want. And that is to simply relax and let shxt soak in. Too lazy an approach for you? Try driving a couple of km’s to the coast. The holiday season is called that for a reason and under such circumstances we should for once do as we’re told. After the year that has been (and with the end of the world thing kind of failing) it feels only right.

WUD up and Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays all!


*Special mentions to the families of those involved in the Newtown tragedy, and those alike currently living in areas of conflict around the world.

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