The Revolver Roundtable Ep. 19: Make War, Make Peace, Taking Pieces

I don’t mean to alarm anyone, but the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middelton, was rushed to the hospital early yesterday as a result of ‘severe morning sickness’. It was later announced that she was pregnant with her first child. Some applauded, some cried, but most breathed a sigh of relief, thus alleviating the intense anxiety experienced by nobody reading this article.


In honesty this announcement can be likened to the first arc of the Lion King, but a more domestic version, with Prince Charles in a Rafiki-like role once the new baby arrives.

In news slightly more impactful, violence/violent activity is just on the up and up in the middle east. Stacking the stats – terminology that I don’t feel should be promoted – here is a quick summary of significance from the past week:

– Simultaneous car bombings in a town near Damascus has resulted in 38 killed as the rebels succeed in downing a[nother] military aircraft.

– Turkey has filed a request with NATO for *Patriot missile defences to be deployed on its border with war-torn Syria.

*Patriot missle on the Husum border in Germany. Ok then... no worries.
*Patriot missle on the Husum border in Germany. Ok then… no worries.

– Fresh clashes outside the US embassy in Cairo have left over 200 people injured. The reason behind these protests are reportedly due to the ‘viral film’ that mocks Islam.

– The EU has laid its conditions for which Hamas is elligible to be removed from the terror list: 1) Recognition of Israel, 2) rennouncement of terror, and 3) compliance with all the agreements signed between Jerusalem and the Palestinian Authority.

The gravity and rapidity of events occurring in succession in this space provides possibly a good reason for us to be more likely to tune into an hour piece about a war on Apple computers, or perhaps, a story about a woman essentially finding out she is pregnant.

But I want you to consider two points which could potentially, for the forseeable future, underpin the approach to global conflict and international relations:

1. Should our nation (and the US for that matter) withdraw funding from the conflict in Gaza, specifically with reference to foreign aid provisions to the Israeli armed forces?

2. Does this highlight a bigger issue, that within the current international context, indiscriminate of sides/ethnic or national identities, military culture is too highly revered?

To respond to your inferences first, no, I am neither antisemetic nor unacknowledging of the military efforts. My basic thought on this though is that, within the current context, it’s one thing to honour the efforts of the military, and another to align these efforts with actions being undertaken by armed forces that have glaring unethical and/or are motivated by underlying political agendas. I mean, what’s the current feel in the US towards that big chunk of national budget being spent on foreign aid?


Fighting a war without potential of gains America?? Bah gawd!

And really it is all around the discourse of analysing socio-economic factors in international conflict. However I do not wish to escalate this to thesis-esque territory, merely place few question marks around this foreign affair.

For more, I’d highly recommend this article, which I think accentuates the most critical aspect of the conflict in Gaza.

In a linear note, police are cracking down on jay walking in Sydney’s CBD.

A statement from the Pedestrian Council notes that a number of people have already been fined,

“It’s long overdue. The behaviour of pedestrians throughout the CBD and elsewhere is effectively out of control.”


Clearly the Council is low on funds for that end of year party. Looks like blue collar Timmy won’t get that bar tab he was promised back in October.

Sources, stats and images courtesy of Google News ©2012 Google © The Radio Network ©2012


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