Food Run: Choco Cannelle

I don’t mean to be the bearer of bad news. But if you’re looking for a good croissant anywhere in Sydney, chances are you’re honing in on a soggy pile of disappointment.

Outside of Asian bakeries (separate category), I’ve (sadly) dedicated the better half of this year to sussing out the BEST croissant Syd shxtty has to offer.

Don’t worry, I got you.

Of my two top spots, Choco Cannelle, is hands down the best. I know this because 1. seasoned pastry chef Jean Francois Perron is still getting use to Aussie customs. Luckily his baking seems to be a permanent fixture of his formative years in Paris – 2. My brother, who lives with some serious allergies, didn’t die from eating anything here.

I hate to oust a good thing. But you need to eat here. I’m just the messenger.

Insta-tint makes Dude Love look like real love.

NB: up to this point the collective has been calling the spot “Frenchie’s”. All things remaining equal, I don’t see this changing.

2 Callaghan St Ryde NSW 2112
(02) 9878 5346

Choco Cannelle on Urbanspoon

For more info, including catering options, peep here.

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