Literapture: The Perks of Extreme Angst

I really, really wasn’t going to do this. The combination of self-absorption and irony of going into such a film with the intention of reviewing/reflecting on it would likely cause a cataclysmic shift in the self-loathing factor of any quasi-decent writer.

But then I glossed over the cinema, full of 50+ year old men with clipboards and tweed coats, fully loaded with soul-less expressions and cynical postures (I felt like the eye of Mordor was literally hanging above the cinema complex) ready to soak and spit out the big screen adaption of Stephen Chbosky’s coming (and going) of age novel, Perks of Being a Wallflower.

“Why yes, erm, definitely the disparity of emotional odds, the trials of youth. And Dickens, erm yes yes…”

So my mission today is to write something that doesn’t suck. It’s also a chance to catch up with my total audience of .314^99 readers.

Charlie is the type of central character that you are familiar with to some extent, yet delving further into his personal life you realise that he’s the love able loser that you actually could grow to hate. There’s a tonne of shxt that he does in the film that’s frustrating and even downright cunty.

This guy.

But you’ll find yourself rooting for him by film’s end, much to your own personal chagrin. If you don’t then you likely have no soul or were too fixated on boobs throughout the film. Yes, there’s plenty of that in the narrative. If one performance is going to be underscored it has to go to either Paul Rudd or second fire Dylan McDermott. A combination of approving grins and wet eyes makes these two of the most knock out troll performances of the year. Also Ezra Miller performance as Patrick, brings about the prophesied “Hipster Apocalypse”. You’ve been warned.

I haven’t read the novel, though within context of publication, pub. 1999, the times were generally ruled by grand pop infusion (boy bands, Spice Girls), teen rock and movie revolutions (every dude had thoughts of sticking there piece in some warm apple pie), homosexuality: a rebellious taboo, and the all encompassing fears of the world ending – via the “interwebz crashing”. Back then, if you gave two stabs about things like the environment, old time radio, vinyl or danky diner eating, you were considered pretty low on the social ladder. It’s funny to see these sensibilities come full circle, as those that were once categorically considered losers or “misfit toys” as Emma Watson’s Sam aptly labels it, are now the social totalitarian overlords of society.

And that’s what it all really boils down to. Will you watch this movie? It largely depends on whether you’ve noticed that Emma Watson has gotten progressively hotter since her formative years as Hermione. But nonetheless you should watch it. I promise you will be able to empathize, enjoy and absolutely loathe this film at the same time. The story is commonplace but most generally I feel people will be reluctant to admit that they can relate to it. And so while you laugh and cringe in the cinema, you do have permission to later go home and sob into a rolled towel that I presume is a cost-cutting alternative for a proper pillow.

It’s just so damn angsty!

However the cerebral assassin has no empathy for this film. Suck it!

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World Wrestling Entertainment © 2012
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