Food Run: Parma Cucina

There are two things here:

1. There hasn’t been a new post in a while, I’ve noticed.

2. The first post in over two weeks is food related…

If you’re not familiar with the Leichhardt /Haberfield area then Parma Cucina is the perfect remedy for lack of good to awesome Italian dining in Sydney’s city circle. It’s opposite a tonne of art galleries and niche op-shops so you know you’re in Surry Hills.

Even though I have a bias towards the edibles of the boot-shaped land I was still very impressed by the Arancini – the result of potato gems meeting mushrooms and herbed, artisanal premature(?) mozzarella – which I would call your top priority on arrival. Seriously order at least two servings of these bad boys.

The rest is a no-brainer, you have your pick of the classics, pizza and pasta, and a few selections that are there purely as a representation of Euro-centric ism (*below: lamb back strap, duck lasagne). The vibe is pretty democratic and the prices are at that comfortable mid-level, so you should save it for soemthing like that fortnightly gastronomic experience. Also they have a cocktail list and do purely bar service for those not dining, so look for the happy hours if that’s your thing!

Best recommendation is to book for those elusive weekend peak slots. Any other times should be easy for a drop-in-n-dine.


Seriously, if you don’t enjoy the Arancini balls then I can only infer that you had a terrible childhood.

285A Crown Street
Surry Hills NSW 2010
Phone: +612 9332 4974

Check out the lunch/dinner menu online here

Parma Cucina on Urbanspoon

Image © 2010 Copyright (c) Warner Bros. Pictures

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