Food Run: Fratelli Fresh Café Sopra

There’s this wonderful WordPress app for lifeless people like myself who blog frequently and its pretty much available across all mobile device platforms (Play Store…) Oh, why do you give two shxts? You probably don’t but today is my first time posting from a *brand new* mobile tablet. So cheap plug aside let’s throw out the run.

I can’t think of the last time I ate at a place that combined agricultural, artisan aesthetic with a sense of tweed patching, wine swigging date night vibes. This could be a broader atmospheric inference that I grasped from Potts Point, one of nicest and dimly lit (serious mood lighting) suburbs in Sydney. What often tends to follow though is something gastronomically unsatisfying and overpriced. Thank Zola then for a giant black-boarded menu.

The first awesome thing about FF: an old old school sense of ordering our food. There’s no paper menus, no awkward pointing, just straight up floor-to-wall this is what’s eating today. And yes, the menu changes daily based on the produce. And this is something you have to down with to eat here.




The food tastes very fresh. Not in the sense of new or innovative, nor organic but grass roots, like food existing outside of its era. The pasta has that slight bite to it yet stays slick. The lamb ragu or the four for maggi reminds you of that time you never went to Italy. That’s cheese on cheese × 2 by the way. The dessert caters for everyone but it’s on you to make the right decision. If you hate yogurt don’t order the soufflé, if you you like your plate looking like an exotic crystal castle order the crème brulé. Most importantly, if you definitely want to score that second date order the chocolate pudding or berry crumble to share.




Verdict: Let’s get down tonight

7 Danks Street
NSW 2017
+612 9699 3174


81 Macleay Street
Potts Point
NSW 2011
+612 9368 6666


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