“ERiC’s Infinite Playlist.” –{|\/|}

Free music is like food blogs now: everyone’s doing it, and at very least, it all looks quite nice. In the last week we’ve had a massive defecation of free tune compilations (or “mixtapes” as the kids are calling them these days) across the interwebs. So if yain’t know yet, re-up on fileshare, hop over that office firewall, and click the pictures for the download links Ai!

A$AP Mob – Lords Never Worry

Jinbo – KRNB

What is this?!
You will like/love this if you have an inkling of K-Pop enjoyment or alternatively have reoccurring dreams of dancing in pink clouds that smell like newspaper paper.

Or if you’re JenMONSTA (she’s a fiend!)


DJ/mixer/musical-equivalent-of-Mara-Rooney YADi dropped a new mix off this week, courtesy of the good people at EARMILK.

It includes Bad Religion in its original entirety, as well as her rendition of The Weeknd’s single Initiation. Yep.

Check after the jump for the download link.

Other things you should throw in the mix,



The xx’s sophomore release, Coexist, dropped over the weekend. I think I will review it soon and we can all indulge in some espresso-sipping conversation and jaded laughter.

Payce and poon.

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