CFMEU v. Grocon Cont’d

Previously I posted on the peaking tensions between The CFMEU (Construction, Forestry, Mining and Energy Union) and Grocon.

Since then it looks like the paper work has been legitimised for legal action to take place against the multi-million dollar construction company, with CFMEU Victorian president Ralph Edwards proporting that court proceedings would begin naming individuals in court orders,

“If someone comes up to you … You start pointing these people out as they are coming to serve paperwork on officials.”

The union blockade this morning encompassed the area outside the Myer Emporium in Melbourne’s CBD. My estimation is that Sydney will follow suit with another protest in the near future also.

I believe the Union and Fair Work Australia will be eagerly standing by for, at very least, a press release from a Grocon representative, in the interest of fairness and also the prevention of further demonisation of each individual employee at these blockades.

But hey, that just makes sense. Right?

Interview references © 2012 Copyright (c) The Herald Sun

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