Jindabyne, NSW

If you happen to be in New South Wales, and you happen to go to the snow (I say happen because no one would legitimately travel to Australia just for the snow) then you’ll likely end up going to either Thredbo or Perisher, Australia’s two most popular winter destinations for all things snow and high land erosion (mountain) related. Recently I got a chance to go to the snow, locally, for the first time in 16 years. Having been to Whistler in British Colombia, Canada not long ago, I set expectations for this local adventure to a relative low. What probably made it worse was the fact that I was neither skiing not boarding this time around; sore bones, joint pains, getting old clichés, and so on and so forth.

If you’re not hitting the slopes then your solace lies in the small rural town of Jindabyne, about 30 minutes from the forest parks that lead to either mountain. In between the town and the parks is a mass area of land that exists either as tourist accommodation or farm land. I got the chance to check out the town and the agriculture (for maximum cattle defecation coverage + shizer smells) in between. Here I found a stack of other things to do for the non-snow apt, as well as some awesome eats that almost makes the 5 hour drive from Sydney worth it. Check out the gallery below and some brief recommendations at the bottom.

Places to check out:

Novotel Lake Crackenback Resort
1650 Alpine Way, Crackenback NSW 2627
(02) 6456 2960
Recommended that you pay $15 for the day to do every activity from archery, to kayaking. Also includes sauna access.

Wild Brumby Schnapps Distillery
Corner of Wollondibby Road and The Alpine Way, Jindabyne NSW 2627
(02) 6457 1447
Just eat and drink whatever you can here.

Sundance Bakehouse
Shop 13 Nugget’s Crossing, Jindabyne NSW 2627
(02) 6456 295
The only good eat in the township


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