Food Run: Patchet’s Pies

Favouritism towards various pie types can be likened to HK/Canto films: Either you like them or you don’t, and subsequently if you do then there’s going to be a scale for which you rate them that ranges from passable to orgasmic.

Patchet’s Pies is probably more famous for being a key supplier to David Jones’ patisserie section than it’s actual cafe HQ. Located within a kilometre radius from the Sydney domestic terminal, this is your key stop off if your looking for something to eat after having starved yourself during that entire 20+ hour flight.

The filling, as with all pie fillings, may look like a pig’s dinner at first (which actually looks fxcking delicious, ref. Babe circa 1995) but this one gets points for legit taste and substance, i.e. the use of real meat and veg products with just enough corn flour mix to meet half-Mrs. Mac’s standards (NB: Mrs. Mac’s pies set the baseline of “passable”). The pastry is thick, like Terry Crews thick. Not as fluff and crispy as some of it’s lighter bastard siblings but more like Step-Momma’s home-made apple pie varieties. It’s really nice, but this one’s really up to personal preference.

Verdict: If I Were A Stoner…

Recommendation: Shop closes at 3 pm sharp. So it better be an early flight your on. They also do salad and soup combos, empanadas and the classic sausage roll, all of which are equally hectic.

9 Sarah Street
Mascot NSW 2020
+612 9667 3799

Sun, Sat | Closed
Mon-Fri | 7am-3pm

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