Food Run: N2 Extreme Gelato

“Hey professor, what’s another word for pirate treasure?”

“Well I think it’s booty-booty-booty, cause that’s what it is”

An anonymous email from my moms and we’re on our way to this new jump-off. Gelato made from vats of articial insemination (concentrated mixtures of certain flavours stored in test tubes), mixed through dry ice. Days and days of YouTube-ing Heston Blumenthal couldn’t prep you for this wildness. Expect a gelato with decent body, but with a flavour that will shxt on your tongue like… well it tastes is off the chain.

Simply put, this is something you should definitely try. If you’re a low key human being that doesn’t like eccentric service then you might be put off by the efforts of the staff to keep in with the whole Dexter’s-Lab-meets-Taiwanese-shampoo-commercial theme. Personally I commend the hard troll, they even call the owner “The Proffessor” – “Let me just ask the professor.”, “Oh excuse me, professor?”

You fxcked up if you read those phrases with a Nurse Joy voice.

Verdict: Ice Cold (It melts a little quickly, which is to be expected from using dry ice. If it didn’t then this place would be a problem)

Recommendation: Cigar Smoked Hainese Coffee

43/1 Dixon St, Sydney New South Wales 2000

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