Food Run: Chef’s Gallery, Round 2

Sunday is often an odd day to have a wedding. Drinking is impaired by the shortcomings of Monday morning, albeit getting drunk as fxck leading to a “sick day” of work is not a bad outcome either. But if not for post-wedding drinks then where to kick on with, well, anything? The answer for these goons was obvious. If not to the bar, then definitely towards a better feed. Embarking with semi-pro fighter and Fuel TV minor star, Ah Chow-san, we set out to do just that.

Chef’s Gallery is not to be fxcked with. I remember a few months back, trying it, leaving with the impression that it was fairly average and overpriced. I was a damn fool for jumping to this conclusion. Having risen since last visit, the location is wicked, the vibe is awesome and the food is something else. As a well trained Chinglish-man, I felt mad ignorant on some dishes I’d never ever heard of before. Recommended, but make sure you order correct. Avoid cliche’s to avoid trickery.

Verdict: Casual Approach

Some choice dishes include: spicy pork with pork floss, roast duck and roti chanai rolls, egg and spinach tofu

Special mention to May and Ralph Huele. Congrats on your marriage guys!

12/501 George Street, Sydney NSW 2000
+612 9267 8877

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