The Revolver Roundtable Ep. 16: Intensities soar as bothered attitudes sore

The world has changed. For instance, a Taiwanese snack vendor on Goulburn street tells me they’ve sold out of pork belly bao buns at 8:30 am, which my hungry stomach and average mind tells me, is a load of panda shxt.

A lot of people apparently feel the same about several other topics that have arisen over the last few weeks; everything from carbon taxes, to employment rates, to public and private acts of violence and “God particles”, stuff is actually happening in the world that may have a mild to considerable to zero impact on those of the blue collar strata. Also the Olympics picked up somewhere in there. I want to start with two things super close to this writer’s heart though.

*SPOILER A-ah fxck it, if you haven’t watched The Avengers yet then I suggest you take a good, long hard look in the mirror and consider which version of you is losing hard (trick question: it’s both versions). The blu-ray disc for the Summer blockbuster is already being advertised with Marvel Studios releasing online a clip from the after credit scenes:

Why is this an important scene to watch?
When people saw this scene in the cinema there was a tonne of confusion; “Who is this leathery faced, purple guy with the massive jaw line? Is he am Avenger? Was that Hellboy?!”

If you thought any one of these things then we can never be friends. Without over-exposing the future plot lines/story plan, I’ll just say that Marvel is gearing up for some exciting stuff. And if they can pull this off then Superhero films will be changed… *dramatic inhalation of air* forever. Think Star Wars, sans Jar Jar Binks, add about 6 – 8 characters on the level of Darth Maul bad-assery.

Childhood/mid-teenage fantasies continued to be fulfilled with the dropping of this A-bomb.

Trading up that panda shxt for some Kirin showers ASAP.

The tracks were figuratively, and literally on a micro-molecular level, set ablaze this past Monday in London, when Usain Bolt brutalised the track record smashing the previous record with a time of 9.63 seconds. Yohann Blake and Justin Gatlin finished in 2nd and 3rd respectively with times of 9.75 and 9.79. Take into account that Bolt was reportedly not 100% and you have a milestone in professional sports that actually merits the term epic. Now, for at least the next two Games, it’s just going to feel like Bolt is trolling us all by racing himself and breaking his own records.

In other Olympic news Australian competitor Tom Slingsby secured the nation’s first solo gold medal in these Games by coming first in the “Laser Men Opening Series”. That’s sailing for those that didn’t know. Interesting.

Congratulations to Tom for raising the tally for the away team… on of the… never mind, you get what I mean.

*UPDATE* we secured two more singles gold medals yesterday: Anna Meares in the women’s sprint finals, and Sally Pearson in women’s 100m hurdles (with a record time of 12.35 seconds). Props to Channel 7 for picking up the good news.

In a somewhat related topic, earlier today I read an article in freely distributed, CBD-based newspaper that showed the Aussies to be at 4th place on the medal tally. On closer inspection the tally was based on silver medal count. I couldn’t tell if it was a troll but I’d like to think it was. Either way it’s kind of bad for the aforementioned Slingsby if you consider that his gold win is being compared to the performance of Australia across the board, and therefore by comparison, becomes devalued when included in the scope of achievements of the nation as a whole. Does no one appreciate individual achievement anymore!? Damn you Channel word-that-rhymes-with-shine! Still, probably performing a lot better than the carbon tax at the moment.

“Put her back in, she’s not done yet!”

To be fair though Australia is currently recorded as one of the most carbon-intensive economies in the world therefore it is no surprise that the decision made by Prime Minister Julia Gillard is costing her considerable support. Opposition leader Tony Abbott has vowed to end the tax if his Coalition wins office at the next election. I guess Mr. Abbott is approaching his “counter-argument” in the most literal sense of the word. Godspeed sir.

Most literal sense.

I’m not a complete labour advocate, nor am I a die-hard liberal. I’m not even a fence sitter but I do enjoy peeking over the fence from time to time, like Tim Allen’s neighbour. There are aspects of both arguments that I like and disagree with, but I think we can all agree that the labels “Liberal” and “Labour” for these parties have become near redundant in the values each party represents at present.

Hooters chains are moving into an overhaul they are labelling as “Hooters 2.0”. Fitzgerald & Co. (sponser) chief creative officer Noel Cottrell stated that, “It [big boobs] really is the conversation you always have [about Hooters],” adding, “people don’t know how to segue the subject of going to Hooters with friends, coworkers or even spouses.” The new campaign he hopes, will show that Hooters is about more than just Hooters girls.

Look, I think if you’re going to overhaul the business with that prerogative in mind, then you have to change the name of the brand if it’s already called “Hooters”. What about “Flats”?

Well it was worth a try.


Images © 2012 Copyright (c) Michael Moore
Other references © 2012 Copyright (c) The Huffington Post, Channel 7 | SEVEN

In Oak Hills, Wisonsin on August 5th, a lone gunman killed six people and critically wounded three at a Sikh temple during Sunday services. Police were able to intervene and ended up shooting the gunman dead in an incident that they are classifying as an act of domestic terrorism.

While there is a social overreaction that is likely to occur in the wake of this act of public violence, compounded with the Colorado theatre shooting of last month, I believe the best the public can do at this time is to remain vigilant, confident and stable. For it is lack of these virtues that led to the aforementioned incidents occurring in the first place.

I hope the media follows up with a thorough report once more information surfaces.

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