Two Geeks: SDCC ’12

I wanted to cover some news this week ala Roundtable shenanigans. But since so much has happened in the news lately and I’m staggering through it all, and admittedly it looks pretty depressing, then I will defer to discuss this year’s incredible-fantastical-Ican’tdescribeanymorewithoutanexplosiveejaculatoryaction event phenomenon that is (well, almost was) San Diego Comic Con. WUD’s coverage of this event can best be described in the following transcript of a conversation that occurred earlier today. *WARNING* this post is likely in a language that you can’t understand.

Co-writing credits go to @CamThaShoKk.

me: man, let’s do
it’s shaping up to be a beast considering Marvel movies + JLA movie
Sent at 10:48 on Monday
Cameron: You have a point there.
Yeah looks like 2014 is gonna be the next big hit of comic movies
is there any more word on the Superman movie?
me: yeah man
footage aired
I read the description
sounds epic as fuck but alsolike comic perfect
like Birthright meets JLA style supes
Cameron: Sick
Hoping for a cameo from Tom Welling in that movie.
me: fxck yeah
or Dean Cain
so Nova and Drax are set for Guardians movie
so geed. Like seizure geed
will Annihlus be the villain? #please
Cameron: LOL!
yeah they said they’re gonna use the current comic line up for the Guardians
And Captain America 2 is featuring Winter Soldier
just as everyone expected.
Sent at 11:03 on Monday
me: Yurp. That guy wil be back and they can work with it from there
Geed for the Thor sequel
Wonder whether it will be to do with surtur
If so then we could be looking at the intro of beta ray bill
Cameron: Man, I dunno about that guy
me: Ha! Nah he’s alright
Cameron: I know he’s your favourite Thor character
me: I finally read his origin story
Cameron: I read it ages ago but I forgot
He some how accidentally got Thor’s powers didn’t he?
me: He’s a bio weapon essentially that got gifted with asghardian tech
Cameron: ah right
me: They gave it to him in the war against a common foe
Which i believe was surtur so he could be the next thor villain
Storm breaker is his hammer, the poofta mjolnr
Sent at 11:12 on Monday
Cameron: more like Cock breaker
Sent at 11:18 on Monday
me: Wasn’t beta ray bill in norse mythology, somewhere? Lol
Sent at 11:19 on Monday
Cameron: Yeah man
He was Thor
Sent at 11:25 on Monday
Cameron: s ah, horse and he transformed when he was hit by a longship
magic long ship
Na man the guy’s pretty rough. He’s not gonna make it to the movie
Sent at 11:27 on Monday
me: ahahahaha
so geed for Drax
Vin Diesel?
Sent at 11:32 on Monday
Cameron: man that would actually be sick
Sent at 11:41 on Monday
Cameron: Is The Rock going to be in a Marvel movie? He’s done heaps of Disney movies already
Sent at 11:43 on Monday
Cameron: I’ve got it!
Vin Diesel for Drax and Paul Walker plays Nova.
F&F7 – space race.
Sent at 11:45 on Monday
Cameron: Are you still planning your Marquee party?
me: yurp
Sent at 12:29 on Monday
me: Iron Man 3 footage was screened
and the crowd goes nuts
Cameron: Mandarin
Sent at 12:35 on Monday
me: Mandarin confirmed
Cameron: it’s about time
me: guess who’s playing him
Sent at 12:38 on Monday
Cameron: That makes sense I suppose
me: hahahaa
Arab Mandarin
Cameron: I was hoping for Mel Gibson tbh
me: “Mahajrandarin”
whatabout Sam Worthington as Norman Osborn in ASM2
Cameron: what?
Is that a troll?
me: “Oi Peter mate, you want the bloody truth about your fucking galah cunt father?”
Cameron: lol
Sent at 12:42 on Monday
Cameron: “Spider-man mate, where I come from we got bloddy redbacks that are more dangerous than you.”
he can’t resist it
accent on autopilot
Cameron: LOL
Actually, the last guy who played Goblin was a pretty good fit.
I dunno who they’d get this time
Sent at 12:45 on Monday
me: I reckon someone a bit younger than the Curt Connors character
Sent at 12:49 on Monday
Cameron: yeah
me: he should be more dynamic like RDJ’s Tony Stark
just an evil version
Cameron: Tom Hanks
Sent at 12:51 on Monday
me: HA!
I reckon Brad Pitt should actually try it
he’s never played a full blown bad guy before
Sent at 12:52 on Monday
Cameron: lol
he doesn’t look evil enough though
Robbin Williams
Sent at 13:49 on Monday
me: LOL
Sent at 14:19 on Monday
me: the next Thor movie is being directed by the Game of Thrones guy
Sent at 17:02 on Monday
Cameron: Sick
good thing about these sequels will be that they can geek it out as much as they want cos they’ve already tricked people into wanting to watch it.
me: LOL pretty much
and Ant Man is being helmed by the Scott Pilgrim director
fkn geed
Cameron: Man, that movie may actually be incredible
me: they have so much to work with, I dont see why it cant be
Kevin Feige saying his fav Guardian is Rocket Racoon
what a massive faggot
sif not be a sick cunt and say Drax
Sent at 17:07 on Monday
Cameron: How could you like the troll character the best?
That’s like saying my legitimate favourite song is “jizz in my pants”
I mean, yeah you’ll cop it but it’s not gonna be your favourite song
me: I think for some people Dick in the Box was a legitimate song of the year contender
Cameron: LOL!
me: I know a runner up for me was that one about the Iranian Prime Minister
Cameron: Yeah but that’s on another level
me: w Adam Levine
that was next level
Cameron: lol
yeah I’d cop that
me: but yeah
just reveal Nova already
Sent at 17:11 on Monday
me: if Nova is better than Green Lantern I hope DC realise that they did nothing but ate their own dicks by greenlighting that script and film
Marvel will nail this sci-fi shit I rckn
Cameron: Warner is still stuck in the 90’s in terms of Superheroes
me: ur right
Cameron: They’re treating their audience like idiots.
me: well except for Nolan
he’s just condescending
but in the best way possible
Cameron: lol
yeah well that’s the reverse of the spectrum
Who’s playing Nova then?
me: I’m hoping for great things from Superman
just still lolling that Russel Crowe is playing Jor-El
Cameron: Superman has heaps to work with cos everyone already knows the character
so they don’t have to bother with chat back story shit
and Crowe as Jor-El is a massive lol
me: exactly
Cameron: but I think it might be alright
me: yeah well the trailer got rave reactions
Cameron: The guy they’ve got for Zod I reckon will kill it
me: one description said “Nolan’s world with Snyder’s lighting and tones” lol
yeah man that Jaws guy
Jaws, Bond, not the shark
Sent at 17:17 on Monday
me: yeah nut I agree w you completely
DC treat their comic audience and their film audience so differently
whereas Marvel is trying to bring them closer together
= $$$
Sent at 17:21 on Monday
Cameron: Yeah, the guy who’s drafted for Zod is in that HBO Boardwalk Empire
If he plays Zod anything like he plays his character in that, we’ll be safe.
me: Hectic
Man havent started watching boardwalk yet
Cameron: It’s alright
he has some sick moment
and you’
everyone loves Steve Buschemi
however you spell it
me: That’s the one

So if you are interested, I heavily suggest following the event through uploaded panel videos on YouTube.

Feature image courtesy of Core Geek.

What up GG.

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