War of the words

“I’ve been heavily chastised by my Grandmother for using the word ‘literally’. “Of course you did it literally Phoebe”, she says, “That’s the only way you could have done it. You’re using the word out of context. It’s a hyperbole”. After looking up hyperbole in the Miriam-Webster dictionary, I was literally devastated.”

I’ve noticed a lot of grammar-theme-heavy discussions. Was that too nice? Okay, slaughterhouse, train wreck-worthy criticisms wrought on people with average to poor grammar application. To everyone at large, (the kids too) read this article and then put your feet up and drink some warm milk.

Round 1 of reading night at the Revolver residence commences!

P.S. a lot of these bloggers are either married or engaged? Am I in the wrong social industry??

Little Grey Box

Google informs me there are 1,013,913 words in the English language. Among these are certain words that, when I hear them, my skin crawls and I immediately cringe. It’s not anything against the person that has said one of the words on my naughty list, it’s the word itself. I’m certain I’ve said many words on other people’s most hated list too, so don’t worry I’m not writing this with a clear conscience.

I was talking to a friend recently who was telling me all about her latest trip abroad. She was describing in great detail the beaches and bars she had visited and how she had hired a car and gotten lost, “I was completely lost for 2 hours, even with the map I was totally disorientated”. My entire body immediately stiffened and I quickly clenched my jaw to stop me from saying what I was thinking… ‘it’s disoriented…

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