Calling Las Vegas a “city”, while correct by definition, would be a complete miscalculation.

Standing in the middle of the Nevada desert i.e. United States of America’s left-of-nowhere, a fantastical wonderland of concrete, steel, a$$ and neon halogens exists to institutionalize a complete lack of inhibition.

Being my second visit, I thought I’d be on autopilot for another wave of nonsensical spazzing and retardation out in the dessert (only marginally hindered by the 40+ degree heat) but truth be told it was just like the first time again. > insert analogy here <

All-round thanks to the tables that paid up *special thanks to the Taiwanese fweago that tipped the pair plus*, the Jewish deli AKA “Tha Jewce Spot”, the awesome cocktails, and specific anti-thanks to the whiplash and bleeding nose.

And please, when visiting Vegas, reward yourself whenever possible by eating the hidden pizza at The Cosmo.

WUD Squad x Sweetzer Mob #youknowwhatitis


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