The Revolver Roundtable Ep. 15: Booty Botches Better Judgement

“Reporting for booty”

“The Bootyguard”

“Call of Booty: Modern Whorefare True”

“Good Shot”

The list goes on, and on, and on. But the summary reads as follows:

“Secret Service log reveals boozy misconduct, following prostitution claims”

Late last week a log of allegation papers were released detailing improper conduct made by Secret Service employees during the past decade, including a description of an agent who appeared under the influence of alcohol when he was supposed to be protecting a foreign president. The 229-page log was met with swift legislative action, in response to Freedom of Information Act requests from news organizations after agents were accused of consorting with prostitutes while preparing for President Barack Obama’s arrival in Cartagena, Colombia, for a summit in April.

This encompasses everything I love about State side politics.

How is this slew of scandals any different from other shores though? (I speak of the Western world where infrastructural security is similar if not blueprinted after one another)

Let’s look at the ASIO prostitute allegations. There’s was a fairly extensive involvement by the media to report on that case where possible, as to a certain extent there was a lot of damage control being deployed by Australian governmental agents at the time to clean up that bust in national security. Comparatively to the Americans, there is far more exposure, far more evidence supplied, and far more scrutiny based on this case and the offenders involved. You may ask why but you probably aren’t. But I’m going to tell you anyway.

Simply put, controversy makes big stories. And big stories make money. With a government not controlled by Commonwealth forces there is limited damage done to international relations if this story is allowed some space to breath. Furthered by the fact that media and publication taxes will route straight back into the big house and you have a win win situation and an example of capitalism at it’s finest.

As the android David said in the confusing summer blockbuster Prometheus, “the trick is to not mind that it hurts” (Quoted from Lawrence Of Arabia, a reference point that seemingly lead to nowhere)

And yes, I would too if it was Sofia Vergara or one of her twelve-something cousins.

Read more about it here.

Details derived from the Sydney Morning Herald © 2012

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