The Revolver Roundtable Ep. 14: Stuxnetposition

In 2011, the US and Israeli military intelligence rolled out its internet-based strategical initiative, highlighting to the world that cyberspace indeed connects all of us by the genitalia. Yes, that is correct, the attack directed at Iran’s uranium enrichment program came… via weaponized free pornography.

Truthfully though, an in-depth report from the New York Times yesterday revealed documentation detailing the development of the Stuxnet virus, and how it escaped an Iranian nuclear facility that was in fact its intended target *DOY*. The code was designed to only work within the network of Iran’s Natanz refining facility, a network that can be likened to long-term constipation. Nothing going out and, you’re hoping, nada going in. But computers and memory cards could be carried between the public internet and the private Natanz network, and a preliminary bit of “beacon” code was used to map out all the network connections within the plant and report them back to the NSA. But, as mentioned, the virus instead escaped into the world wide web. At this point I would not be surprised if it was revealed to us that the director of this operation was Robert Rodriguez. *NB: from here it kind of runs deep, you know, double-agents corporate espionage, 9 to 5 political type stuff, nothing out of the norm.

Natanz coders found the right sets of commands to literally shake the centrifuges apart, proving that Stuxnet could work.

Shocked that the US would actually enact something this calculating and crushing to it’s enemies infrastructure? Even more so that the Israeli’s assisted in having the virus deployed into the Iranian local network? Or that the operation was a botch and that the Stuxnet operation was completely leaked?

“Go find a dark place, bend over and…”

So WUD does this all mean? Once the ball was dropped by the Bush Administration, Team Obama, or “Death $wag Mob”, swept in and picked up what had been started with the project, revamping it and relabelling it the ‘Olympic Games’ program. But Stuxnet is old news. Even the newly discovered “Flame” malware was developed some time ago. While details about these two targeted attack packages are finally emerging, there is no doubt that another virtual attack method is in development and almost ready for deployment.

“They’ll never suspect the marketplace.”

Great, now I can’t download instagram! How will I eat food if I can’t capture it in the timeless medium of amateur photography?!?

So nations worldwide, protect yourself! I’m pretty sure the Iranians know that avast! Antivirus is freeware.

The US Embassy in Iran, defiled post leaks of the origins of the Stuxnet virus.

Indiana University Center for Applied Cybersecurity Research Fellow and Maurer School of Law Professor David P. Fidler provides an in-depth discussion regarding the story behind the Stuxnet virus. Read it here.

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