“ERiC’s Infinite Playlist.” –[|+^+|]

I’ve had a minute to soak in the best tracks of the last couple weeks. Sore throat and all, there’s no other appropriate time than now to be purple. Everything is purple.

Wow D. Dot went trill on this. It’s like he washed out the hard BX / BK flows with a promenthazine enema to deliver this screw-flow effort, but still saving his signature lyricism, fleshing out his dexterity as an MC. Good shit, big booty, NZ booty, what’s goodie?

P.S. he’s performing in Sydney, June 9 @Civic Hotel with his band The Daylight Robbery. For $19, definitely worth a hit.

Had this bumping @Vivid Sydney , Danny Brown set on Friday night. S/O to the DJ.

Speaking of,




Shit has been on repeat. To tell you wassup, this song is one of the more radio friendly ventures off Take Care. However when put into the aptly capable hands of Florence Welch and co., you realise the well crafted flow and lyricism over Jamie XX and (the late) Gil-Scott Heron’s not-so-old gem. Perhaps the purpose of reinterpretation, per say, is not to debunk the original, but maybe put the original into better persepctive.

I’m Sarah Conner, in a nightclub. Being chased by a T100.
The xx previewed a slew of their new tracks off their upcoming sophomore LP. If you’re not having eargasms already then you should probably make a tight noose out of that floral-patterned dish cloth.

See the rest of the previewed tracks at this user’s channel. Never pass up on a good thing.

Best new album goes to Ab Soul’s Control System. Best new idea goes to ERiC’s biscuit ice-cream slammers.
#Trippy #fxckapisstest

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