What’s old is new

Yo so Andy 2’4″, who’s notorious for writing up some of the Literapture segments round this way, has recently opened up a full blown, online personal portfolio/digs. Check it out for everything from art and life to life with arty chicks! *AHA

What it drews

It feels like i don’t post enough about drawing  so i thought i should.

I also wanted to post about a new music vid that is out, so i thought i should.

I titled this post after the cliche, aren’t i smart?

For the drawing part I wanted to post about some of the stuff that I had drawn in the past, the past being about 4-5 years ago. I would say that a lot of the things that i draw now are pretty weird and very random. However in these drawings you can see the “craziness” just beginning. Alot of the drawings that I did at the time were a culmination of the things that influenced me. I think you can see it as a drew alot of things that were inspired by Japan, and like steezy shit (theres also still alot of skulls so don’t worry about that).

These drawings were supposed to be for…

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