I Still Call It Home

I recently was seconded around the country (Australia) for work. This happened between the months of March and April and encompassed some of the best flights, busiest schedules and life-changing experiences of my life.

Yeah, that’s right, just like in that Clooney movie.

What I realised about this country is that, like any other country, there’s a massive diversity interstate. Typically, being a Sydney-sider, we are prone to commit a fallacy where ANYONE outside the radius of the south to north westerly suburbs, is considered rougher and therefore lesser than your urbanised snob.

Admittedly humorous, this notion is in fact quite the contrary… almost. I really like the idea of the regional distinctions and so want to shed light via a couple simple points. Also there’s a gallery after the jump.

Adelaide is thoroughly gentrified. Long gone are that days of “Eshay-laide” and “Ade-ladskies”, it is now possibly Australia’s central hub for urban hipsters. Yes, that’s right Melbourne, eat 10 dicks.

– For every one person in Darwin, there is at least 5 saltwater crocodiles. For every one person boarding a flight in Darwin there is atleast one homeless family sleeping in the airport *terminal.
*I am completely serial.

– Adelaide is home to the hottest women in Australia.

– Correction, Perth is home to the hottest women in Australia.

– Perth is simple: scorching summers, warm winters(?), fitness freaks, geometric lateral-ness and out-of-control fifth generation migrants.

– Darwin is home to the best fish and chips in Australia. It’s also home to the best news articles in Australia.

– Perth nightlife can be likened to premature ejaculation; I’m not sure when the best part happened but it finished way too early.

– The Japs slaughtered many Darwinians. It’s true.

– I went to Brisbane. Yep, pretty much.

NOTE: for a person of Asian orientation there is surprisingly minimal food photography.


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