Pieces of Oslo

My favourite kind of article. Simple, but shows a lot of love for the city, kind of like how I feel about my own. Good vibe, gets me g’d for the long plane ride. Great shots as well, needless to say more.

A life of photographs

For those who read my last post, you know I went on a long photo trip on last sunday with a friend. We were out walking for over four hours. There is a lot of things you are able to see in that  amount of time, both new and old things.

We started to walk outside the city center and walked all the way to the center of Oslo. I’ve been wondering lately, since I’ve been around lots of places in Oslo, is there any places left we haven’t photographed? Any place interesting that is. I’ve lived in Oslo for ten years and even though this city isn’t all that big, there is still places I haven’t been. On sunday I visited, among places I’ve been lots of times before,  places I haven’t been before.

I guess it takes a while before I’ve photographed all there is to photograph in…

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