What We Talking ‘Bout

Good Monday readers. Not the best day of the week, more of an assertive, agressive- some would say, agro one.

Hence I want to know what the f* we’re talking ’bout today. No ladies and gentlemen, this isn’t tiddly winks.

Federal budget figures are beign pulled down tonight and by the polls (approx. 3400 people) the consensus, that is 84% of poll-ers believe that it will be a “horror budget”, with the remaining percentagers believing that we’re either trading in pesos or hopes and dreams.

This may or may not, but mostly may, have something to do with the Gillard administration’s promise to bring Australia’s budget back into surplus in 2012-13, a similar trend to Big Brother America with the current administration still working towards economic revival four years from the promise. At least they all have healthcare now, whether they want to or not (fines apply for those that don’t comply).

Some times though money taken is better than money spent,

Forget the carbon tax, in the last year with higher electricity useage rates, low-low-low retail market activity and the instroduction of means testing for private health insurance, it’s no surpise people are expecting the worst from this year’s budget.

WUD does this mean to you?

If you’re pushing 60 then you can go back to bed now, you’ll be fine as long as the old lady can still afford perishables and marmalade spreads.

Blue collar jockeys, like this blogger, can expect to be paying slightly higher rates of living, and when the chips are down i.e. unemployment, the chips will really be down (note to self: kill self).

Australian high-income earners are expected to be the biggest targets with higher taxes on suppranuation contributions on top of the Government halving the concession on suppranuation. My prediction: more elicit offshore trade by the wealth in 2012-13.

So what are your thoughts? I’ll leave you with some from the general populous-

INSTEAD of raising taxes or cutting the Budget, Wayne Swan could cancel the carbon tax, which would in turn release the stresses on the market, allowing people to spend again. – Jason

WHY not make the GST 11 per cent? That’s the problem solved. – Ned Stokes <- I love this guy

END middle-class welfare and the Baby Bonus for welfare-dependent mothers. The middle class don’t need welfare. The jobless should be looking for work or undergoing work-related training, not be encouraged to be more dependent on us. Also, suspend any further payments or commitments to the IMF. – Martin Carter

WE CAN easily fix the Budget with one simple word: Election. – We need an election

REDUCE pollie perks and make them spend their own cash. Why else do we pay them? Why are they so obsessed with getting to surplus? They have already broken the carbon tax promise, what’s another one? – The masked commentator <- Q: is that a cool mask like the one Bruce Wayne wears? Or is it more like R. Kelly’s creepy pink mask?

STOP taxing the rich to give it back to the lazy. – Katie <- I agree Katie, more Bugati’s, less blue khaki’s.

IF YOU honestly think promises from a politician will be honoured, then you are a fool. The cost to return (to surplus) will be huge and if you think that their spending will be the one to stop, then think again, you are a fool. Taxes will rise, putting the economy on track for a train crash. – Melbourne Gary <- and when that occurs I’ll be waiting eagerly, with arms of critism and shameless humour wide open.

STOP giving handouts to those who don’t want to work and are milking the system. – Jason <- but that same money might be going back into your pockets Jasey.. for you to subsequently tuck into stripper’s g-strings(?) – Revolver

Read more @news.com.au

Data sourced from Your Money © Incisive Media Investments Limited 2012

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