The Revolver Roundtable Ep. 12: Saving Face

Oh deary deary me, Mr. Zuckerberg. You virtually own all of the first world (and parts of the third too). You didn’t sell to Google because you believed in your product. Was there any other power moves you could pull to further build upon your monopolous Empire?

NB: Google+ is not a factor.

And then the 8-ball dropped, rolled around to the face, and Mark Zuckerberg announces that users now have the option to update their personal details with an “organ donor” status, an initiative like never before seen on a social networking service with the imperative to save lives..

Less beneficial, but far cooler

To be completely honest with the audience at his point in time, I thought it was going to be the much anticipated, much required, and uncontrollably evil “Dislike” button. If you don’t understand the world changing power of this then you, you idiot!

Kudos to Mr. Zuckerberg though. Finally, someone with money doing something good AND intelligent with it all (it’s very hard to find a combination of the two). And for those of you who are already fowling him for not updating his own donor status then just take a step back and wonder what would be if Facebook were never invented…


Australia is introducing a public co operative government program which allows them to be paid 300 local dollars per every day they house a refugee. This is a reported response to the undertstatement of housing commission currently available.

Families will host asylum seekers released from detention centres on bridging visas, with the Refugee Council of Australia stating that, “Mandatory detention makes people mentally ill and is expensive.”

Throw in the old ‘mentally ill’ line for the sympathy card? I don’t blame or aim at them though, they need to spend more of the national budget on grander things, such as completing a tower in Sydney’s CBD constructed entirely of Lego. I think we have a free labour trade agreement with Italy so this shouldn’t cost too much.

But we’re still paying community families $300, PER DAY to house them. Expensive? What?! Germans!?!

I think I hear another stimulus package dropping into my bank account.

In other useless news, actor Ashton Kutcher revealed in a new Popchips ad that he is looking for a woman who is both “hot and spicy” and on a “higher plane of consciousness.” Well done sir, you suck.


’til next time when great things happen, fxck daart!

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