Interweb Beefs

With a simple log in and editing of one’s post, an old flame which I thought long dead since the winter of ’09 re-arose like a Magmar out of the Cinnabar Island volcano, on that level where you challenge Gym Leader Blaine.

Anyway, so essentially what happened is I wrote a post and de-famed fellow author / authorita / frenemesis-in-life Cameron Nobswintle Silky Johnston, in a manner not unlike this:


– to which he cleverly retaliated with an edit very much like this:


Not to be mistaken with an apology or an emotional, heartfelt PSA, this is in fact a nostalgia statement, both echoing my sentiments for the good times had (and not had) and the weak effort that is today’s online modern wafare (not to be mistaken with COD4MW which I believe drove the nail in the coffin of yesterday’s interweb beefs).

Twitter beef is currently the worst offender. Fo’ reals if you have to write a hate essay hash-tagged to the mutha then you’re not a soldier (soul-jah) or even a hippy-ster (they get blamed for everything). People just aren’t creative as they use to be and that’s what made going to war online something special. So I leave you guys with a reel of our greatest hits.

Twenty Eighth had a rough start...

GAY! Self-ethered
Wait... this is just awesome.

Now into the future. A more professional, proper and well structured future.


Shout outs to Darren Quinn, Pedro Sampaio and Craig Isaacson who made this era in time possible.

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