“ERiC’s Infinite Playlist.” –{|v_v|}

~ Getting in from the airport, you getting in from the study group
The only thing missing at this point
Is bona fide chillin time with you ~

Lyrics are a bit cheesy, and the Desire original does dig deeper, BUT c’mon! He says ‘bonafide’..
.. and I’m a CuDi dick rider #nohomo so if you ask me on the streets I will tell you that WZRD is the best thing since shaved ham.

Go buy WZRD, the newest effort by The Lonely Stoner and longtime compadre Dot Da Genius.

Speaking of bands, Twenty Eighth Productions welcomes a band to it’s fold Yeah we’re a fxcking fold bxtch!! Err..

You may know Ryan October. You probably saw CamThaShoKk in an old Nickelback video. But together they are EKV (Electric Kid Violet).


New track up on Triple J’s Unearthed.

Show some love, at least some likes here.

Big K.R.I.T’s newest mixtape = free album. Boobie Miles, Friday Night Lights, capture me.

Download Here


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