The Revolver Roundtable Ep. X: 10 Minutes in the Making

It’s been sixth months since I’ve done this gig. We got a whole new décor going, some happy chaps writing other articles. But in all seriousness I feel this place has had a void, a lacking of lack of depth if you will.

Greetings shallow shells of self loathing and boredom, and welcome to a completely [un]special 10th anniversary edition of the Revolver Sound-off-table. Now, by my well thought out writing process, it should take you exactly 10 minutes to read this article. That is if you have either the mental capacity of an Orang-utan or conversely of the almighty Zeus. Yeah, that Zeus.

We’re breaking new ground. Literally, as Australia’s daily home price index is high enough that real estate may soon be trade-able on the stock market. Wait, what? That’s f—ing terrible.

Lets see what the experts had to say,

“..developers could use it for hedging and retail investors potentially could be investing in residential property without the very large purchase and selling costs such as stamp duties and agent fees.”

Good theory. Oh I think you misheard me, I said it’s batshxt crazy.

Fundamentally we know that when demand is low, property just doesn’t produce the same value the way companies do. Hypothetical: “Ikea are having a sale on these awesome, slim mugs which I have no need for… but I don’t know I really like that 2-bedroom, harbour view apartment over there. I might start investing now, what do you think pumpkin tits, should we do it??”

Please don’t make the market crash Australia.

I extracted statistics for this next segment from the Irish Times. Which is kind of ironic because…

Australian prime-rib minister, Julia Gillard won an internal challenge to her leadership of the Labor party earlier this week, the votes margin being 71 to 31.

Do you get it whiteaustraliapolicy??

Challenger and Ryan’s G.O.A.T. (he made a song about the guy) Kevin Rudd chose to put the past behind him and swore to hold no grudges towards his Labor conspirators. He also swore to tirelessly committing his services to aid Gillard in her upcoming re-election campaign. So he swore a lot it seems. Next joke.

Should Gillard move on to win the Election over The Liberals (for nobody who thinks the Greens are a real party) the form of rule should become a dictatorship status.

Yes, that is Goldar's body

Two perks: 1. the name of “Labor Party”becomes pretty much self explanatory and 2. people will be lost without her when she dies. R.I.P. Kim Jong-Still Ill. Your son has eaten too much bulgogi.

Must be an old photo. Wait, wait, we got an updated one coming through the feed.

Kim Jong UGH!

See, just like his father. Plus the whole Jordan thing.

The NRL had their season opener last night. I’m sure there were people that cared.

See! I told you we were keeping this guy around.

It feels good to be sarcastically back.

I hate you all. – R

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