TOAST! | Part Treize

Before we get into it, just a warning, there’s a major #fxckChrisBrown vibe to lucky number 13. But you like that..

That happens later though. Firstly, there’s no better way to start this than acknowledging the one year anniversary of the unforgiving earthquakes that rocked Christchurch in February last year. R.I.P. to everyone that was lost.

Apparently, young men are angry now. Is this a serious article? Well Chris Brown maybe, but..

Jeremy Lin. #Linsanity. Nuff said. Disclaimer: there is no #fxckChrisBrown in this video package.

Alright alright, Rihanna and Chris Brown have made up. Firstly, I’ve always liked the Bajan one, I thought she was generally refreshing for pop music for a large portion of her career, but honestly, her last album is trash, and this recent reunion is so deeply entrenched in publicity stunt ickyness that it is literally sickening.

Secondly, Chris fxcking Brown. After a harmless twitter-jab from WUD favourite idol CM Punk, Chris took it upon himself to fire back, hurling a myriad of meaningless and evidence-less insults at the current WWE champion.

The Best In The World retorted with maybe the greatest thing I have ever seen. See.


Chris’s response was something along the lines of “your 15 minutes is up” and “no-one will remember you but music is forever”. Which to his credit, is mostly correct. Good music, that is. And while Chris Brown gives his all to attempt to emulate the king of pop, the reality is that his music does not even sit in the same realm as that of MJ’s. True story.

Still on music, Hip-Hop artist A$AP Rocky has stood up and said seriously, why does homophobia even exist? Respect x a ballion for that. Had you told me 5 years a go that a rapper with a $ in his name would say these things, I would have laughed hysterically.

Local hero and all round champion Kevin Rudd has quit as Foreign Minister, precisely one day after saying he intends to stay as Foreign Minister. This is all eerily reminiscent of that time when Julia Gillard once said (to the effect of) there’s no way in hell she will be Prime Minister, two weeks before becoming Prime Minister.

All I can say is, please, for the love of all things living, please, please bring this man back!!

And there’s this..


Shots to 9gag, SMH, NZHerald & HipHopDX.

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